Hi! I’m Yannick, welcome to BRND6IX

Founded in 2016, following years of experience in digital and growth marketing in Europe and Canada, BRND6IX’s vision is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their digital marketing strategy and tactics.

Because each client, each project is unique and requires specific skills, we bring you experts (email, social media, graphic design, translation, etc.) to match relevant skills and project’s requirements so we can guarantee the best value.

Today’s customers are in control
The key to success relies on creating relevant content and experiences.

So how to get started? It all starts with empathy and being Customer-Centric.

This goes from products, content, messaging, and everything your business does.

Get a website built to generate sustainable growth

At BRND6IX, we work closely with our clients to understand their goal and needs. We also seize each opportunity to guide them with best practices and tactics to achieve their growth objectives.

Our services offer fresh, clean and modern website designs that reflect your brand. They are also optimized to grow your business, by attracting and retaining prospects.

Marketing can be overwhelming.


Growth Marketing

Looking at the entire buying journey, our focus is to attract prospects to your site, turn them into customers, and retain them. 

To do so, we develop omnichannel campaigns built for the best results. The success resides in experimenting, testing and implementing changes to optimize your efforts.

Content Marketing

Your customers don’t easily trust brands nowadays. While companies could settle for traditional and interruption marketing a few years ago, content is king now. It’s the key to building trust and a solid relationship with your audience.

We help you define your strategy to deliver valuable content to your audience at the right time, utilizing the right channels they use. 

Web Design

8 times out of 10, your customers check your website before making the decision to do business with you.

It is critical to have a website that offers a seamless user experience, regardless of the device they browse from. Taking a step further, we A/B test and optimize every aspect of the site to guarantee the best results.


In a digital era, you want your business to have high visibility. The best way to do it is through SEO and SEM.

SEO, thanks to Content marketing, gives you the best results for long-term goals. SEM, or paid ads, helps you reach your customers faster, via ads strategically placed. 

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